1Day Vegetable Curry



Luxurious 1 day vegetable curry using 350 grams of 11 items, mainly seasonal vegetables in a special curry with several spices, chicken bouillon, plenty of carrots, onion, apple, and garlic. (Daily vegetable intake of 350g recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare). Ingredients: rice, onion, carrot, potato, sweet potato, paprika, broccoli, carrot, tomato, kidney bean, sweet green pepper, and Japanese mustard spinach (may vary depending on season and supply).

  • 玄米
  • 玉ねぎ
  • 人参
  • ジャガイモ
  • さつまいも
  • パプリカ
  • ブロッコリー
  • 人参
  • トマト
  • インゲン
  • シシトウ
  • 小松菜など(季節、仕入れの状況により変動)